The SA Agricultural Crime Prevention Institute is a Section 18A(1) Public Benefit Organization:  Donations to the Institute are tax deductible.  Persons and companies can donate up to 10% of their taxable income as a tax write-off.   

It is the mission of the SA Agricultural Crime Prevention Institute to improve and maintain agricultural safety and security through the proactive prevention and combatting of serious and violent crimes in SA’s farming communities in collaboration with the SAPS, agricultural unions/ forums, CPF’s, existing rural safety structures, and communities. 

Attacks on SA rural properties increased 300% between 2010 and 2019.  SA Government data indicate 3431 violent farm attacks between 2010 and 2016 alone: 6-years.  To put this into perspective, the USA Military direct casualties in the Iraq war was a mere 4424 from 2003 to 26-June-2013: 13-years of full-scale warfare. 

SAACPI forward operating posts function as specialist multidisciplinary teams providing support to existing rural safety structures.  The strategy provides a specialist function and performance requirements with application of technology and artificial intelligence in the rural setting.  All shifts perform specialist tasks around the clock in view of: 

  1. Proactive prevention as a primary function through advanced technologies and strategies 
  2. Specialist tactical response, tracking, and recovery inclusive of K9 
  3. Application of emergency medical first response 
  4. Application of specialist thermal night vision equipment, IR drones, and Nova kits 


The SAACPI’s service is further enhanced by: 

  1. Continuous development of preventative technologies 
  2. Assisting the SAPS with intelligence collection and investigations 
  3. Monitoring of court proceedings 
  4. Providing direct access for farming communities to private forensic services 
  5. Providing direct access for farming communities to specialist multidisciplinary training in self-defence, FPOS, and first aid 
  6. Providing direct access for victims to trauma counselling

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